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Perk! opened in early 2015 as an independent community cafe with a focus on locally sourced coffee and food. We have taken so much care to create a special space for everyone. Whether you are meeting a friend for lunch or want to grab a coffee on a rainy day, we hope you feel at home here. We are proud of the fact that we make most things in house including all of our baked goods (with the exception of gluten free), our breads, soups and more. Our coffee rotates frequently and we partner exclusively with Richmond roasters.

Christophile and Elizabeth have strong ties to Richmond, in fact we were roommates at VCU! We have been talking about opening a cafe together since our dorm days in art school, and here we are!


We love independent culture of the downtown community and wanted to bring a piece of that to Bon Air. We wanted suburban alternatives to the big box coffee places, one with a sense of community and ties to community food and local roasters, with homemade options, made with ingredients from local farmers and local bakeries. 


We are humbled by everyone’s support and encouragement, we can’t wait to help nurture that independent community spirit that we love about Bon Air. Let's grab coffee soon!

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